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Ivan Barone

The Chef

Ivan has had a stellar career in Italian kitchens around the world, since his first job in a restaurant aged
13. From five-star hotels to an award-winning restaurant he started in Val Di Chiana province in Italy, Ivan knows his Italian onions. Lured by the promise of adventure and an appetite for learn
ing, which began with making pasta with his nonna as a child, Ivan found his way to Asia. For Ivan, Italian food is all about simplicity – simple ingredients and simple techniques, but both have to be done to perfection. Here at ‘NAMO he’s excited to bring the flavours of his childhood to life in Vietnam. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s dreaming about hiking in the Tuscan hills, or enjoying a glass or two of Barolo.



Master Pizzaiolo

Mario has pizza in his blood. He is a fifth generation pizzaiolo (pizza master), who sits on the board of the Union of Traditional Pizza Restaurants and is the brains behind titles such as the Pizza World Cup. No one knows Neapolitan pizza quite like Mario. He has been involved with the pizza craft since age eight in the kitchens of his family restaurants. It inspired a life-long love affair with the art (because it is most definitely an art, not a science), and one we are very lucky to have fuelling the fires at ‘NAMO. Like all good Italians, Mario knows that good pizza, is about good ingredients, which is why we’ve flown in San Marzano tomatoes and Caputo flour especially for the job. When Mario is not throwing pizzas around the kitchen, he’s eating them of course. His favourite is a classic margherita, with a crisp glass of Falanghina on the side.

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